A Back to School Prayer for My Daughter

This school year I’m really starting to feel just how big my oldest is getting and to be honest its kind of freaking me out! Ah! This is the school year she will take her first standardized state tests, and celebrate her last single digit birthday. Holy moly, writing this is making me even more aware that she is closer to being a teenager than being my little baby. But, just as much as my heart aches that she’s growing up I’m equally as excited for this new chapter we have embarked on as mother and daughter.

To be completely honest, I’m loving the elementary age so much. It is by far my favorite season thus far as a mom. One awesome perk to Logan growing older is that we are able to have a relationship on a more intellectual level. This is the time that she and I get to start building UP from the foundation that was laid when she was in diapers. I’m watching right before my eyes Logan starting to become her own person and she is seriously the best girl.

I’m cherishing this season wholeheartedly because with every start of a new school year comes the realization that she moving a little farther away from me. It’s hard navigating your child transitioning from being really little and super dependant on you, to being a big kid wanting to conquer life on their own two feet. I terribly wish that I could protect her from any bad thing that life will throw her way but I can’t. Some of life’s greatest lessons she will have to learn for herself.

Keeping that in mind, I will guide her through life with a strong and loving hand. Always doing my best to set a good example for her as I know she will do as I do not do I say. I will make darn sure that she knows I am always here to love and support her and there is no bigger cheerleader in life than her mama!

Most importantly though, I want her to know that she has a gracious and loving God that will never leave her side. If I had to pray only one prayer over Logan I would pray that her heart seeks to have a relationship with God. Luckily, I can come to God with anything! So, I bring forward a simple back to school prayer for my big but still little girl, Logan…

Heavenly Father,

I lift my Logan up to you as she begins third grade. I pray that you keep her safe and continue to watch over her and her classmates. I pray that you open her eyes and her heart to feel your presence every day. I pray that she finds the strength to stand up for what is right and good. That she is kind to new and old friends. That she is strong and resilient. I pray that she walks alongside you this year to help others and to be free of judgment. I pray that you fill her heart with an excitement and a determination to learn new things and to be a good student for her teacher. I pray that when she is faced with a challenge she leans on you for strength in overcoming it. That she finds comfort in knowing she is never alone in her trials and triumphs. Lastly, I pray that she wakes up each morning knowing that she is loved beyond measure and that she is fearfully and wonderfully made in your image.

I pray these things through Jesus Christ our Lord,





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