The house is SO quiet right now. No dishwasher humming in the background. No dryer beeping at me to let me know the wrinkle release load is done. No sound of kiddos playing in the background. Just absolute silence and IT IS GLORIOUS. As I sit here in the wonderful silence I can feel just how tired I am. We are on day 3 of my youngest, Hadley, being sick from a virus and an ear infection so she is home today and my older two are off at school.

My house is trashed and I have fallen behind on just about every chore because my sick girl just wants me to hold her all day. If she had things her way we’d lay in bed and snuggle all day but I can’t do that as there are two other children that need me. I’ve basically been running on adrenaline these past couple days and my body is aching for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Despite all of that, Hadley and I had the best morning together!

Just the two of us.

The second I walked back into the house from taking my older two to school my sweet Hadley came running to me with her fever red cheeks yelling in excitement “Mama’s home!” as if she hadn’t seen me in days. Her tender little arms wrapped around my legs and she says “Mama I missed you today!”. Y’all, my heart in that very moment just melted. I reached down to pick her up and I gave her the biggest hug and made sure she knew “I missed her today too!”.

After we kissed Daddy goodbye I looked at her and then looked all around my house at the bombs that had gone off over the past few days. But you know what I said to all that mess? NOT TODAY! Today is a precious day and one that I don’t get often. I had made the decision on my drive back home to cherish every second of my one on one time in the house with my Hads.

We played on the living room floor in our jammies all morning. Both of us a hot mess and in much need of a shower. She sat in my lap and we played puzzles and talked and laughed and read about 100 books (not really but we read A LOT of books). I let her take the lead of our time together and I’m so happy I did.

You know what the best part was? The way her little face brightened up every time I said “YES!” to a new book or new puzzle she had picked out for us. I swear that girl sees into the depths of my soul when she looks at me like that. We were 100% engaged in each others company and the spotlight was shining brightly on her this morning. I’m sure you can imagine being the youngest of three Hadley was loving every moment of this.

Once I could see that it was time for lunch we sat together at the dining room table to eat. More talks commenced between the two of us as we ate our lunch together. I asked her what her favorite books were that we read and about the puzzles we worked on. I could clearly see the wheels turning as she would pause before responding. Thinking about the question I asked her and then trying to verbalize the response. She mostly responds with three-word sentences like, “Pinkalicious so silly!” or “I like puzzles!”. She loves the Pinkalicious book series.

After lunch, I checked her temperature to make sure her fever hadn’t spiked again. Luckily, it hadn’t. I closed her blackout curtains and turned on her Sleepy Sheep. Then I laid her in her crib tucked her in tight with a big hug and kiss and she peacefully went to sleep.

I woke up this morning exhausted and frustrated from the overwhelming mess that has built up in my house. In passing, I caught a glimpse into the mirror and didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. To be completely honest I felt defeated even before my day had begun. I knew that Hadley was going to be home all day and that I would not get a break.

As I was driving back home from taking my older kids to school I understood that being alone in the house with just me and Hadley was a rarity and that I needed to cherish every second of our time together.So I held those negative thoughts captive and was bound and determined to make the best of the one on one time God had given me that day with my youngest child. I’m so thankful that I did and that I didn’t allow my “to-do-list” to run my morning. It makes me want to cry thinking that I could have missed out on such a beautiful morning with my girl all for the sake of a clean house.

Mommies, I know how overwhelming our jobs can be and that often times they leave us defeated. Try and remember that even in the midst of a messy house, sick babies, no shower, and husbands out of town to hold those negative thoughts captive and make of the best of the time we have. At the end of the day, you will never regret building memories and strengthening the bond between you and your babies.

I’m going to leave you with a little wisdom my mother bestowed upon me many years ago, “Your children will not remember how messy your house was they will remember how much time you spent them.” We are in this together messy houses and all!

You are awesome,




  • Valerie says:

    You are so right! Sometimes the mess… “messes” with my head! I am so happy to know that we as mommies have each other! Thank you for your very encouraging post…Reminding me to stop and smell the roses! <3 Keep up the good work!

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